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LDS Prepper Premium Micro Nutrient Mix

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All Natural, Water Soluble, Essential Plant Nutrient Mix

For use with all gardening methods, vegetables & fruits, trees, bushes and flowers. Indefinite shelf life

These trace elements are the "secret" to  gardening success.These are to be mixed with N-P-K and Epsom Salt according to the instructions that come with the Nutrient Packs. Each 10 oz pack will make up one 5 gallon bucket of fertilizer, which is 30 lbs. of all the essential nutrients vegetables, trees and bushes need to product nutrient rich food in abundance.


Garden: Sprinkle 1/2 oz. per linear foot between plant rows and water in. Apply as needed, typically weekly.

Trees: Sprinkle 1 oz. per 1” of trunk diameter from the trunk to the drip line monthly during growing season.

Flowers: Sprinkle 4 cups per 100 sq. ft. (10’x10’), 4” away from plant base monthly during growing season.

Seedlings: Dissolve 2 tablespoons (1 oz.) of Ultimate Plant Food with 3 gallons of water, apply daily.


Nitrogen (N)                                          16.000%

Phosphate (P)                                       16.000%

Potassium/Potash (K)                            16.000%

Magnesium Sulfate (Mg)                         1.000%

Sodium Borate (B)                                 0.050%

Manganese Sulfate (Mn)                         0.120% 

Zinc Sulfate (Zn)                                   0.300%

Iron Sulfate (Fe)                                    0.030%

Copper Sulfate (Cu)                               0.030%

Sulfate (S) from the listed Sulfates        3.000%

Chloride (Cl) from the NPK                    2.000%

Sodium Molybdate (Mo)                         0.015%

I don't want to ever be caught without a good supply of these vital nutrients. That is why I buy them for myself in packs of ten or twenty, but buy as few or as many as you feel you need for now and to have some when "the getting gets hard".

Each package contains two 10 oz. micro nutrient packs. When mixed according to the  directions each 10 oz. pack makes 30 lbs. of weekly fertilizer. 

Bulk Order Discount: Order four packages ( eight 10 oz. packs total) and save 38% on shipping!

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